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L148 Sustainability


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A transparent, ethical production process provides the foundation for each Lafayette 148 collection, thanks to our very own manufacturing studio—a rarity of outside of the most elite European houses. The state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious atelier is located in Shantou, China, home to Lafayette 148’s cofounder Shun Yen Siu.

The airy, soaring structure provides a serene space for the L148’s fleet of European-trained artisans to focus on their craft, fusing time honored techniques with futuristic technology to create pieces of increasing complexity, and ensuring peace-of-mind in the knowledge that each collection is produced ethically and with extraordinary integrity. Start to finish, each piece never leaves their hands.

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A pillar of Lafayette 148’s evolution toward sustainability is a commitment to responsible sourcing. Lafayette 148’s internal textile teams work hand-in-hand with a global network of experts to develop ethically sourced, traceable, luxurious materials. With each collection, Lafayette 148 builds upon a wide array of superior, ethically sourced fabrics, including responsible wools, organic silks, consciously crafted cottons and other materials crafted from regenerated fibers. In 2022, Lafayette 148 introduced Responsible Wool Standard certified wool in a range of fabrics including House heritage Nouveau Crepe & Italian Fine-Gauge Merino, as well as in seasonal fashion such as the collection’s wool herringbone tailoring.

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As the needs of the Lafayette 148 woman have evolved, the collection has grown to encompass new categories that complete her wardrobe—many of which require highly specialized techniques and expertise. Lafayette 148 partners with elite craftsmen in Italy and the U.S. with whom we share a commitment to the highest craft, rich materiality, innovation and sustainable practices, and who in their respective fields, have mastered the same level of expertise as the House’s own atelier teams in Brooklyn and Shantou.

The House’s signature L148 Denim is hand-crafted in Los Angeles using denim from the legendary family-run Italian mill known as ‘the greenest textile company in the blue world”. The denim house is dedicated to sustainability and innovation, sourcing more than half their cotton fibers from sustainably managed farms, reducing the amount of water and chemicals used in their dye processes and converting byproduct waste into new, recycled products.

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