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Italian Accessories

Made in Italy

Made in Italy


An extraordinary shoe or bag is more than a triumph of artistry. It is a feat of engineering.

The story of our Spring 2019 accessories collection begins in Italy, where the devotion to artisanal techniques follows a tradition that dates back centuries. Through a partnership with the region’s most skilled producers, we’re able to offer a level of craftsmanship that’s rare in this day and age.


Our newly expanded shoe collection represents the pinnacle of art and design. To ensure that our shoes are exceptional in quality, comfort and elegance, our design team traveled to Italy’s shoe capital of Vigevano, a center of leatherwork and cobbling since the Middle Ages. There, they worked intimately with one of the country’s master shoemakers to build the collection, sketching and refine each pair. The process is an intimate one — a pure expression of passion and expertise rooted in the painstaking methods of generations past.

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Each season, our accessories are inspired by the themes that underpin the greater collection. Textures, tones and hues are chosen to complement an overarching vision — so that shoes and bags match seamlessly with the season’s fashions. Our Italian-made totes, too, are part of that vision. Featuring hand-worked leather details and exclusive Italian prints, they round out the collection with signature elegance and ease.

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Combining extraordinary craftsmanship and the finest materials, each style is offered in an array of shades and prints designed to match seamlessly with the Spring 2019 collection. From Italian calfskin to supple suede and luxurious alligator and snakeskin, each element is thoughtfully sourced, chosen for its beauty, comfort and resilience. Our partners in Italy sculpt each design to support the natural architecture of the foot, ensuring elegance and ease of movement, so you can move throughout your day with confidence.

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The “Made in Italy” label is a distinction that is at the heart of Lafayette 148.

While we are a New York brand, we are rooted in European techniques and fabrics, so this collection honors our heritage. In an era of fast fashion, we believe in the beauty of design that’s lasting.

The Journey of a Shoe

See the story of our Italian shoe collection come alive.

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