e-gift card FAQ

When will the recipient receive the E-Gift Card?

E-Gift Cards are sent immediately to the recipient's email address. The sender will receive a shipping confirmation email to confirm that the E-Gift Card has been sent.


Why can I not checkout with an E-Gift Cart in my order?

E-Gift cards can not be purchased in the same order as other merchandise. E-Gift cards must be purchased separately.


How do I check the balance of my E-Gift Card?

E-Gift Card balances are noted in My Account and can also be checked with Client Relations at 888.448.1488


Where can I use my Lafayette 148 New York E-Gift Card?

E-Gift Cards are only redeemable at www.lafayette148ny.com or by phone at 888.448.1488


What if the amount of my E-Gift Card is greater than my total purchase?

If the amount of your E-Gift Card is greater than the amount of your purchase, you will receive a store credit which will appear in your account. You can always check your Store Credits and E-Gift Card balance in the My Account section.


Are E-Gift Cards Taxed?

Taxes will not be applied to the face value of your E-Gift Card purchase. Sales transactions are subject to tax in select states. Please see Payment Options for a current list of states which apply sales tax.


Do E-Gift Cards have an expiration date?

E-Gift Cards have no expiration date.



E-Gift Cards are only redeemable at www.lafayette148ny.com or by phone at 888.448.1488.


An E-Gift Card has no expiration date. Except in certain circumstances or as required by law, the value of an E-Gift Card may not add value back, nor redeem it for cash or apply it as payment or credit to your credit card account. E-Gift Cards are not eligible credit for any Lafayette 148 New York warehouse or sample sale and are only redeemable for products shipped within the United States.


All E-Gift Card electronic deliveries are executed in good faith. We suggest the purchaser notify the recipient of their E-Gift Card as Lafayette 148 New York is unable to guarantee email deliverability within all corporate firewalls and all email providers/ ISPs.


Please safeguard your E-Gift Card information and keep your original email confirmation receipt. Use of the card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your E-Gift Card order confirmation invoice number is required for all inquiries.


The E-Gift Card is not transferable to another individual. Lafayette 148 New York has the right to close customer accounts and bill alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained E-Gift Card is redeemed and/or used to make purchases at Lafayette148ny.com.


For more information, please contact Client Relations at 888.448.1488