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Design Team Director, Emily . . .

on the great white shirt . . .The white shirt is the most versatile and timeless item a woman can have in her wardrobe. It can be worn elegantly or more relaxed—it’s all about how it’s styled.

on what inspires design . . .The Design Team pays close attention to proportions and details. When designing our white shirts we’re always trying to keep things current while staying true to our brand and image. We constantly ask ourselves what’s the new collar, how can we update the size or shape of the pocket, the silhouette?

on must-have details . . . For fall, high-low cuts are very important. For certain styles, we introduced peplum-like details that don’t cut the body completely so the shape remains flattering for all figures. Shirt collars tend to be more conservative and on the smaller side.

on finding the perfect style . . . The cut, the length, the fit are all key to finding the perfect white shirt. You need to feel like you look good in it. It’s that simple really. Our Italian stretch cotton always looks crisp, no matter which shape you choose, so that’s already half the battle. After that, it’s just a matter of finding the right look for you.

on favorite ways-to-wear . . . For work, I like to pair oversized shirts with a skinny bottom and an accessory. If it’s a fitted shirt, I like to wear it buttoned up and tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt or a wide-leg pant. On the weekend, I’ll roll up the sleeves, pop the collar, tie up the waist, and wear it over a flowing skirt. It looks effortlessly relaxed but pulled together at the same time! Shop White Shirts > [Link to White Shirt Shop]How to Care for Your White Shirts: Our luxurious Italian Stretch Cotton is made at one of Italy's most innovative mills, where superior craftsmanship meets sophisticated technology to create one of our most iconic, high performance fabrics. Avoid using bleaching agents which may cause fabric to “gray” over time. Do not store near windows or direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration. If storing for an extended period of time, use a muslin garment bag.